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Faraglioni, Capri, Italy

Last year I was lucky enough to visit Italy’s Amalfi Coast for a fantastic wedding, after which a group of us took the chance to hire a little boat and nip over to the island of Capri. It was a choppy trip over, but we soon shook off the nausea to take in the looming cliffs, towering pillars of stone and gulls circling overhead. We skirted around the island, had a dip in the sea where we were mobbed by jellyfish, then headed to the main harbour. Following some very dubious parking – ploughing dodgem-syle into a space betwixt multi-million pound yachts – we headed up┬áto Capri’s main square, the Piazzetta.

Capri Vista, Harbour, Italy

From here we enjoyed the view across the island and over the harbour, but the jostling hordes soon proved too much and we continued on to the far side of the island, which boasted further incredible views and a distinct lack of crowds. We had lunch in the bay of Marina Piccola, relaxed on the stony beaches and after a few hours enjoying the sun caught a packed little bus back over the island. With an ice cream for the road we headed back to the harbour and our vessel, bounced our way out past the super-yachts and completed our lap around the island, before riding the high seas back to Positano. Capri is a gem of an island and a brilliant place to spend a day if you’re ever in the area. The whole Amalfi region is magnificent and I fully intend to return.

Gulls, Turquoise Water, Capri, Italy


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